Bizdart for Serveice Team

Manage, Monitor and Motivate Your Service Team to Perform Better and Exceed TAT Target

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We offer a cloud-based field management app for service professionals to automate their work-flows. This solution includes a native Mobile app for Andriod and iPhone and a complementary Web portal and serves a wide range of industries such as Home Appliances, Industry equipment and more.

BizDart allows companies to forego paperwork in favour of digital automation. It offers features such as automatic Job Scheduling (though a back-end upload process), dispatching, progress tracking, location tracking and more

Supervisor’s View

Supervisor's View features are Includes the following:

  • Staff Wise View
  • Search By Staff Name
  • Percentage of Call Completion
  • Call Update with Image
  • View More Details

Feature List

Benefit to the users


Senior Management

• 24*7 accessibility to real time
• Help verify customer lists
• Increased Transparency

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Supervisor and Manager

• Ensures constant communi-
cation between Supervisor and Technician
• Brings more accountability
• Better spotting of roadblocks


Technician or Sales Staff

• Helps mitigate human errors
• Increased accessibility
• Promotes ownership and


Back Office Team

• Increased efficiency in back end
• Zero data entry