BizDart For Sales Team

An Easy to Use Lead Management Tool Designed With Easy of Use and Productivity.
Helps Your Sales Team to Convert More Leads.

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Empower Your Sales Team

We have researched the current state of CRM and realized that many businesses’ are struggling to implement a CRM solution that worked for them. Most of the CRMs are “Gold Plated” with a number of modules/features that the business does not need. We also realized that using a standard CRM your productivity is reduced as you waste time in following a process that the CRM “dictates” – diverting you from your primary goal: acquiring new customers! BizDart when implemented as a CRM eliminates these frustrations for Salespeople and Business Owners. With BizDart, salespeople can always stay on top of their sales pipeline, manage contacts, and track sales all from your android phone or tablet. Focus on your Next Action to easily convert leads into customers and grow your business. We focus on closing deals

BizDart gives you quick links which display your
  • Today’s follow-ups
  • Overdue follow-ups
  • Alert notifications
  • Exception notifications (Managers love this!)
  • Create Admins and Users
  • Lead History
  • Compare Target v/s Achieved



Automotive dealerships will have to use a propriety CRM/DMS to manage all their leads, but when it comes to sales consultants, the process is mostly managed on Paper.


We have implemented BiZDart that helped the Dealership to close more sales by helping the Sales consultants to manage their sales pipeline better.



Construction business spends a lot of money on marketing campaigns
(Web Site, News Paper, Trade shows etc.). The leads are typically managed on paper and their sales cycles are pretty long. The leads needs to be managed for a longer duration and closure can bring in continuous revenue for the business.


We have implemented BiZDart that helped the Business Owner to monitor and
manage sales activities and follow-ups. Sales consultants are now able to
follow-up and inform the lead about the project progress and other promotions.

Supervisor’s View

Supervisor’s View features are Includes the following:

  • Staff Wise View
  • Search By Staff Name
  • Percentage of Call Completion
  • Call Update with Image
  • View More Details

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Feature List

Benefit to the Users


Senior Management

• 24*7 accessibility to real time
• Helps verify authenticity of
reported test drives and face
to face meetings
• Increased Transparency

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Supervisor and Manager

• Ensures constant communi-
cation between Supervisor and Technician
• Brings more accountability
• Better spotting of roadblocks


Technician or Sales Staff

• Helps mitigate human errors
• Increased accessibility
• Promotes ownership and


Back Office Team

• Increased efficiency in back end
• Zero data entry